R-Evolution Worldwide fosters programs to improve healthcare, hygiene, sanitation, access to healthcare infrastructures, and nutrition in middle and low income countries.
The communities of middle and low income countries (LMCIs) benefit by a reduction of preventable diseases due to improved health care and nutrition behaviors. Indeed, most of the poverty related diseases are triggered by an inappropriate health care and hygiene behaviour. On the other hand, malnutrition is a leading cause of morbidity in the developing countries.
We will cooperate with local institutions and nonprofit organizations to organize trainings on:

  1. Developing everyday life skills to make quality health decisions
  2. Personal, domestic and community hygiene
  3. Good nutrition and healthful food choices. How to feed themselves and their families well. How to prepare healthy foods and nutritious meals

In order to plan sustainable training programs, we will:

  1. partner with no-profit organizations with local relationships and knowledge of the social challenges.
  2. train local providers to get a widespread dissemination of trainings.
  3. issue ad-hoc posters and information booklets.