R-Evolution Worldwide supports health research projects to develop new treatments, drugs, diagnostics in low and middle income countries.

The communities of middle income countries (LMCIs) benefit by having access to drugs improving the treatment of poverty related diseases. Indeed, these diseases kill approximately 14 million people annually, but currently only few health research projects are conducted in the countries most affected by poverty related diseases. The reason of that is the limited infrastructures, poor health care systems, the lack of local expertise, and the low interest of the private sector. As a consequence, we are still addressing that only 10 % of global health research is devoted to conditions that account for 90 % of the global disease burden. In partner with academia, private sector and no-profit organizations, we would offer our proven experience of new drugs research projects planning, implementing and conduction. These partnerships will be established to have the skills, knowledge, and local expertise to overcome the above-mentioned issues. Further, we will select the most appropriate partners to run sustainable research programs and maximise the impact on the communities.

The implementation of new drug research project will lead also to an immediate action against these diseases, for instance:

  1. medical visits to which they would otherwise not be able to access;
  2. the possibility of a (better) diagnosis;
  3. the access to pharmacological treatments to which they would otherwise not be able to access;
  4. strengthened health care system, connected to the high income countries health systems.